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About This Site

This is my first "real" web site, built with a more serious tool than Apple's iWeb, which is what I used on all previous incarnations. I used iWeb for the simple reason that I could build a site quickly and it was "good enough". In fact, I still use it for my university home page, because its easy to maintain and works.

However, for several years now, I've been hoping that Apple would improve iWeb so that I could customize it easily, as I am not really happy with the inflexibility of iWeb. I want a simple, elegant site that is easy to navigate and is standards compliant. But, so far, I am too busy to teach myself raw html, css, and php, which is what many photographers and web designers to use to make a custom site.

I've looked at many web design programs for the Mac---Sandvox (too much like iWeb), RapidWeaver (too odd for my tastes), and Dreamweaver (more than I need for the moment)---and finally found Freeway Pro. In One evening, I've figured out how to lay out the entire framework of this site, and I'm pleased! I've got a basic structure that I like. It's simple, elegant, and free of extraneous visuals. These days, web sites are too cluttered, and for a site where design is a critical feature, I want to be able to control the empty space in an around the images.I value the empty space and the images.

I hope you enjoy this site. Feel free to send me an email if you find any problems. I've uploaded this site on 6 Jan 2011, and I still have several pages left to create, but they should be up soon.

You may also see other images at MaineSight, my photographic blog.


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